The Odd Monk - Weltreise mit Buddha

The Odd Monk is an entertaining personal exploration of contemporary Buddhism.
In his debut film, German filmmaker Jesco Puluj travels around the world to meet various monks and nuns and ask them: What is the essence of Buddhism? And should he become a Buddhist himself?

In doing so, he questions popular clichés and shows the viewer how to redefine his own relationship to religion and how to benefit from the teachings of Buddha.

This documentary was edited by Jessica Ehlebracht and Sigrid Reede

Sound design by Marcel Dadalto

The world premiere was in September 2019 at the Skyline Filmfestival in Winchester, USA

The Odd Monk is distributed by Happy Entertainment in Germany, by Solid Movies internationally and in the US by


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Phra Julien -

This is an excerpt from the movie about Canadian Buddhist monk Phra Julien

Spoiler alert: He has a vegan cat!